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Mountain Park Community

This is your home on our earth—a little corner of the world centered and stretching down Five Forks Trickum Road between Rockbridge and Killian Hill. More broadly, we also extend into Smoke Rise to east of Killian Hill, between 29 and 78. It’s a big swath with tens of thousands of us.


When Stone Mountain Park opened to the public in 1965, it was an exciting time. Riffing off the name, the Mountain Park community was born. Farmland became subdivisions as many young families moved into new homes. They even wanted to incorporate—until the wind was taken out of their sails by the already incorporated Mountain Park in Georgia! Oh well, it’s the community name we’ve still kept for decades. So just think of us as the other Mountain Park. We know who we are. Some still refer to the FFT/Rockbridge intersection as Trickum, a name that’s likely been here for nigh 200 years.


Fast forward to 2020. What a time for the world! Yes, everyone must dramatically shift in so many ways, but know this: we will come out of it and life will go on in new ways. And that is what the Mountain Park Community Association is about. What will be our new ways?


MPCA is a non-profit, non-partisan civic organization existing to advocate for residents and businesses in our area. Membership comprises subdivisions, individuals and businesses who share the desire to protect and enhance quality of life here. We monitor and communicate land use, rezoning, development, transportation, public safety and other issues significant to our community, and represent area constituents to government where united action is needed. We organize to define and represent a unified community voice.


We are grass roots. So far, we're 600+ individuals. We’ve divided scopes of focus interest into Communication, Public Meetings, Marketing, Aesthetics, Website, Money, Other Organizations, Gwinnett County, and Nearby Cities. Leadership and other volunteers have stepped up to address all of these. 2020 has seen 4 public meetings, and we're working on 2021 now.


Will you be a part of our movement to make Mountain Park all it can be? At minimum, please sign up to be notified of our activities. And if you can contribute a little time and/or money each month, it will make a difference.