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Mountain Park Community

This is your home on our earth—a little corner of the world centered and stretching down Five Forks Trickum Road between Rockbridge and Killian Hill. More broadly, we also extend into Smoke Rise to east of Killian Hill, between 29 and 78. It’s a big swath with tens of thousands of us.


When Stone Mountain Park opened to the public in 1965, it was an exciting time. Riffing off the name, the Mountain Park community was born. Farmland became subdivisions as many young families moved into new homes. They even wanted to incorporate—until the wind was taken out of their sails by the already incorporated Mountain Park in Georgia! Oh well, it’s the community name we’ve still kept for decades. So just think of us as the other Mountain Park. We know who we are. Some still refer to the FFT/Rockbridge intersection as Trickum, a name that’s likely been here for many years.


We are grass roots. So far, we're 600+ individuals. We’ve divided scopes of focus interest into Communication, Public Meetings, Marketing, Aesthetics, Website, Money, Other Organizations, Gwinnett County, and Nearby Cities. 

Click                  to see a map of the areas of focus for this organization. This is a rough guide and not an "official" boundary.

Will you be a part of our movement to make Mountain Park all it can be? At minimum, please sign up to be notified of our activities. And if you can contribute a little time and/or money each month, it will make a difference.

Mission, Vision & Goals


The Mountain Park Community Association (MPCA) consists of engaged community members sharing common interests in the future of incorporated and unincorporated Lilburn-Mountain Park to provide a desirable environment for Life-Long Living: to live, work, raise a family, and to age in place.

MPCA exists to give the community a collective voice in envisioning & creating that future. 

MPCA is a registered Georgia Nonprofit organization advocating for the people and future of the Lilburn-Mountain Park Community, in both unincorporated Gwinnett County & incorporated Lilburn.


The mission of MPCA is to liaison with Gwinnett County, to advocate for the community at-large, and serve as a point of contact for the County to engage the greater community of Lilburn-Mountain Park in the decision-making process regarding matters with the potential to impact the future of the unincorporated Lilburn-Mountain Park community.  This would include matters related to zoning, development, quality of life, transportation, economic resilience, and other issues.


  • The community of Mountain Park will have its own unique identity, with engaged residents having a voice in planning the community’s future through cooperation from all branches of Gwinnett County government.

  • Community members will pivot from piecemeal opposition to individual zoning or development proposals to a position of partnership; working with the County to get ahead of development by deciding, in advance, what the Community wants for the future of unincorporated Lilburn-Mountain Park.

  • No County approved project, from any Department, will take place in Mountain Park without the community being included in the decision making process.


  1. Create the “Mountain Park Overlay District”

    1. Revitalize the Five Forks-Trickum Corridor

    2. Architecture: Commercial Development: Cohesive Architecture within commercial zones

    3. Sidewalks & Greenway Path: connecting people, parks, & businesses

    4. Streetscape: Enhance public space (parks & roadways) with trees, plantings, and hardscapes.

    5. Public Space: Expand options for year-round community-centered meeting & passive use space.

    6. Sense of Place: Creating & Maintaining Sense of Place

    7. Trees & Landscape: Preservation & enhancement of tree canopy

    8. Yellow River Water Trail access: Parking, piccnicing, river entry, and greenway path.


  1. Serve as Point of Contact between the residents/stakeholders and Gwinnett County, giving the Community a seat-at-the-table before decisions are made.


  1. Empower community members through education and communication; connecting residents & other community stakeholders with County Departments, Developers, and other entities (through public meetings with County entities, newsletters, and direct email contact).

Meet the Directors Leading the Effort


Neil Duggan - President and Director

Neil lives with his wife Dara in Lilburn. They have lived and raised 2 boys in this area since 1988. They are retired and enjoy supporting their Church and the local community through many activities. Their volunteer leadership background includes Boy Scouts, Parkview Band Boosters and various Church ministries and committees. Neil is an avid gardener, loves tinkering in his shop and they both love anything to do with camping and hiking in the outdoors. 


Vice President and Director


Kataki Patel - Treasurer and

Kataki (Kate-Key) Patel is an operations manager who works with EH to maximize its hotels bottom line, economically improve its physical condition, and better satisfy its guests. Kataki believes in a hands on approach to operations and is passionate about delivering the best guest experience possible. Kataki has 14 years of industry experience starting with the front desk, Director of Sales, General Manager for multiple hotels and now as an operational manager for EH.

Kataki holds an Honors BA in Anthropology from York University and a SSW Honors degree from Seneca College from Toronto Canada. Kataki is also certified as a General Manager from Choice Hotels, Radisson Hotels Group and IHG.

Focus on quality and efficiency combined with genuine concern and commitment to those who work for him has been the hallmark of Vipul Patel’s career. His management expertise spans from a full range of operational functions such as: HR, IT, P & L, accounting, administration, customer service, brand development and project management. Add to this his marketing expertise, insight for creating a product valued by customers and ability to keep his product current.  Vipul is a well-rounded business leader equipped and driven to handle any situation.

Vipul has been exposed to the hospitality industry since he was a child whose father owned and operated his own motel. He would help his father run front desk, clean the swimming pool, and on the weekends help his mother clean rooms. Vipul understands value of hard work and dedication.

His management career started when he was promoted to Pharmacist in Charge at Revco Pharmacy. He was responsible for inventory management, hiring, firing, and training employees, customer service, reporting to federal regulators and maintaining financial budget. In 1997, Vipul came on board officially to manage the Days Inn Stone Mountain. He hit the ground running. First boosting the morale of the team and then renewed a sense of dedication and loyalty in the team. He benchmarked a process of quality improvements and put in place a customer focused workforce that resulted in a decrease staff turnover, increase in guest satisfaction and overall operating profits. Being a practical visionary and looking to expand, Vipul planned and developed the Country Inn & Suites in Stone Mountain. He opened the Country Inn & Suites in 2003 and managed all aspects of the operations. As always, he was able to improve quality while reducing operational costs. Due to his diligence and attention to detail, the Country Inn & Suites Stone Mountain continues to enjoy a high ranking by customers and the brand. Under his leadership, the Country Inn & Suites remains an award-winning hotel in its brand since it opened. In 2007, Vipul established his own hotel management company after the acquisition of a Holiday Inn Express and a Comfort Inn. In both cases, he continues to exceed the brand standards and aims to continue to exceed guest satisfaction. Vipul has put together an exceptional management team that is guest focused, product driven, analytical and has excellent problem-solving skills.

In an effort to provide support to the local community, Vipul joined the Park Place Community Association as a board member and become involved with the Hwy 78 Community Improvement District which focuses on commercial and residential growth surrounding Highway 78. He ensures each of his hotels are good corporate citizens by volunteering the hotels to be vocational training sites for the department of special services, supporting the local churches, schools and encourages the employees to volunteer their time to local organization such as Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta.


Sheri Clark - Director  Communications and Website 

Sheri Clark has been a Gwinnett County resident for over half her life and a native to the metro Atlanta, GA area.  In 2000, she moved her family of 4 close to the Mountain Park area and as her family grew, she moved into unincorporated Mountain Park a couple years later.  By the end of 2005, the family grew to 6 members and the Clarks grew their roots deep.  Two decades later, one member has passed on, and the others are well on the way to forging their own paths. 

During this time, Sheri solidified a career in Information Technology and holds a bachelor’s in network administration and a master’s in project management.  Today, acting as the PMO Director for a large non-profit organization she has offered her expertise in communication skills to Mountain Park Community Association.  Her hope is to communicate effectively with those living and growing families in unincorporated Mountain Park, assist in gathering feedback and opinions on progress in the area, and influence decisions in favor of what the current community members want to see for the future of their homes and the surrounding areas.

Mark photo.jpg

Mark Wilson - Director     Sustainability/Volunteer Coordinator

My wife Barbara and I moved to Mountain Park in 1994, with our 2 year old son.  I’ve devoted myself to a number of civic  activities, Scouts, HOA; always pursuing projects to make our civic lives and our community better.  Over the years I became more involved in clean healthy sustainable communities, environmental and river & watershed causes.  I’m an active kayaker and hiker, and involved with Gwinnett Adopt-a-Road & Adopt-a-Stream.  I retired from my IT career in 2021 and became the volunteer Riverkeeper and chairman of the Yellow River Water Trail, and am also on the boards of the Georgia Canoe Assoc, Georgia River Network, Upper Ocmulgee River Resource Conservation District, and Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District.   I’m thrilled to help the Mountain Park Community Association with their Quality of Life and Sustainability mission.  It’s clear to me that Mountain Park desperately needs more sidewalks, but also more Trails, Greenways, walking paths.  We also have a great opportunity to improve the look and feel and engagement of our two Commercial notes.  More development and redevelopment is coming; since we are unincorporated, the Citizens need to get in front of it and make sure redevelopment works positively for all the Stakeholders.


Volunteer Opportunities

We are searching for volunteers! Help a little or help a lot, we need team members and leaders. 

Check back for more information or

fill out the Contact Us form and let us know how you would like to help make Mountain Park the BEST place to Live, Work, and Play!

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