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Olympic Tennis Center property becomes a Car-Centric development


Costco, Apartments and mostly drive-thru restaurants is approved. (Plot map linked above) 

MPCA put out 2 surveys about this development. The first asked if residents wanted a large park with a bandshell versus a bigbox store (generic). That survey result was 95% - 5% in favor of the park, with over 350 taking the survey. Later when Costco was the apparent anchor store, the second survey asked about a true Multi-use Retail-Office-Housing (MU-R) development versus a Costco, 300 apartments and drive thru restaurants. That result was 58% - 42% in favor of the MU-R, with only 120 taking the survey. The county still chose to award the Costco development.  MPCA has submitted an Open Records request with the county to try and understand how a once-in-a-generation “dream project” ended as just another 31 acres of traffic gridlock, pavement and urban sprawl. Multiple stipulations had to be added at the approval meeting, like no Vape Shops, Car Parts stores, etc. This is because the revised Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) was approved 2 weeks prior and changed many conditions imposed on developers. Without those being manually added for all future developments, more options will be available to developers and retailers than existed previously.

Seven Brew Coffee coming to Mountain Park

7 brew cofffee.png

A popular coffee shop comes to Five Forks Trickum Rd and Killian Hill. “7 Brew Coffee” will open in the Publix shopping center in the near future.  Planning documents were recently filed by Richard Maddox who will be the operator of the location at 4045 Five Forks Trickum Rd in Lilburn. The location is currently in the permitting phase and should be open by Q2 of 2024, if not earlier!   Learn more here! 

Gwinnett Animal Welfare presentation

Gwinnett animal shelter.png

Gwinnett County's Animal Welfare Department will be hosting a presentation at the Mountain Park Aquatic Center.  Keep a look out for date and time on our calendar here!  

Looking for a new furry family member?  Shelters are in desperate need of fosters and adoptions!  Click here to check out adoptable animals today!

LCI Survey is here

The grant and study supported by MPCA enters it’s first phase with a survey asking local residents about the 2 “nodes” on Five Forks Trickum Road - at the Kroger and Publix  shopping areas. Please take the survey and provide as much input as you can. This will help the county decide on ways to improve those areas for walkability, livability and ease of traffic.

Old Wachovia building for sale

We’re getting hints that a Car Wash is being considered at this lot. A buyer will be reaching out to MPCA for input. More to come!

A 190+ residential development on Oleander Rd

oleander dev.jpg

A revision to a 2015 approved plan is back up for review by the county commissioners. This large piece property extends from Oleander Road all the way to the Yellow River. Part of the property is on a flood plain that flooded in 2009. The developer seeks to remove some of the restrictions placed on homes to reduce their costs. 

Update to new Sewer Extension along Lake Lucerne Rd

sewer under river.png

The most challenging part, the running under the Yellow River, is successfully completed.

Amazing engineering was required to dam the river, pump the entire river flow around the work site, trench 4 ft below the riverbed, lay the pipe and seal the trench with concrete from side to side, The sewer line will extend 2000ftup Lake Lucerne rd and Riverside Dr toward the County’s Bending River property, and eventually to the Oleander property.

New Self-Storage at 1935 Rockbridge Road in progress!

RB storage construction.jpg

Good core construction in progress!  A  picture is worth a 1000 words, right?

MPCA worked with the owner and developer to add murals to the large vacant sides of the building. The final mural artwork is still under review by the county. These will add character appropriate to our area as people drive past. Sometimes, the little improvements can make a big difference!

Round-About Sign


The new round-about at Lilburn-Stone Mountain & Old Tucker Roads has an open patch of grass that would be ideal for a creative sign welcoming us to the Mountain Park Community. If you would like to participate or contribute to making this happen, lets us know. A new committee is in the works to do this and similar projects. The Community Engagement & Projects committee needs you! Contact us here if interested!

Want to get involved?

Volunteers and leaders needed. A little or a lot, every contribution helps our community, your neighbors and even you! You can reach out to us using the “contact us” form on our website, or PM us through social media. We are here for you because we are you! MPCA is your advocate on issues with the county that directly affect and improve the unincorporated Mountain Park community.

First Step: Sign up for the Mountain Park Community Association email list to receive notifications of future events, activities, etc. that will directly impact your everyday life!

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