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Up and Coming!

Storage Facility Major Renovation Proposal

Major construction is coming to the old self-storage facility at Five Forks Trickum & Killian Hill Rd. This is happening just months before we begin our LCI grant-funded efforts to create a Master Plan for Mountain Park's future look and feel. (The Atlanta Regional Commission awarded an LCI grant to create a Master Plan, including commercial overlay zoning, allowing the people in Mountain Park direct influence over what our community will look like in the future). The proposal is a vast improvement over what is there now, which has been an eyesore for many years. Since the proposal requires modifications to existing zoning, Gwinnett Planning arrange a meeting between MPCA and the developer to discuss community concerns. Since the new owners will operate the self-storage business, they have an interest in being welcomed into the community. Still, it would have been nice to have this happen six months from now, so residents of our community would have input to influence the exterior architecture… and take the first steps toward a cohesive look and feel for our Mountain Park community.

Proposed Change in Conditions: “Modify commercial density and building height conditions to allow redevelopment of existing buildings”. The new building would be 2 stories on road frontage and 3 stories (called a basement) on the back.  Click here for more information on these changes.

This will go before the Planning Commission on April 11th to make recommendation to the Board of Commissioners, who will make a decision based on recommendations. The public is welcome to attend both of these meetings.

MPCA is providing design ideas to the owners based on community feedback, especially related to how it looks from the street, based on feedback from community members on various social media platforms.  This does not mean these ideas will be acted upon! The Mountain Park Community Association is working towards facilitating direct community involvement on projects like this, but that won't happen until a Master Plan is created under the LCI Grant. Right now we have no real say in what goes here, especially since this site is already zoned for a Self-Storage facility.  The applicant is asking for a zoning variance (it is already zoned for the current & proposed use and will not change). If you would like to provide input in the future on similar projects, we recommend you get involved NOW to influence the future of our great Mountain Parks community!

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