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June 2021 Newsletter

Thank you for being a part of the Mountain Park Community! We are testing a new newsletter format and we hope you enjoy it. Read on for recent stories from our community - and keep us in your inbox for updates about events, future public meetings, road cleanups, business partnerships and more!


Volunteers Needed!

Your MPCA is growing fast and we need volunteers in these key areas to help in the near future. Please contact if you are interested: Accounting (specifically nonprofit tax) Public Relations


Elected Officials Weigh in on Service Failures by Garbage Handler

by Kate Pittman

Photo: Susan Hendricks

Commissioner Ben Ku and Solicitor General Brian Whiteside have been working independently to improve garbage pickup-service in the Lilburn-Mountain Park area. Both men live in the area serviced by Waste Pro, so they understand the complaints. The Commissioner has been in negotiations with Waste Pro and relaying progress reports to his constituents through his community newsletters and Facebook posts, while the Solicitor General has been seeking legal remedies. Both have kept the Community updated through posts to the MPCA Facebook Group newsfeed. -- READ MORE

If you came to this meeting or were interested in attending, if you go to stores or use the County Parks on 5-Forks Trickum, then you live in the community of Mountain Park (which is unincorporated Gwinnett, Lilburn 30047 & 30087).

MPCA serves as a liaison between the County & the Community, and to mediate where City & County infrastructure intersect. MPCA facilitates meetings between the Community and the various County services. Join our email list at


Parks & Rec Public Meeting with Mountain Park Community, May 20 2021

by Kate Pittman

Mountain Park Community Association (MPCA) hosted a Public Meeting on May 20th for a conversation about our Gwinnett County parks in the Mountain Park area. Parks & Recreation is one of several seemingly unrelated divisions under the direction of the Gwinnett Department of Community Services. During this meeting we learned a little about Community Service, a tremendous amount about our County Park system, and some very interesting things about our Mountain Park Park and her sister parks (JB Williams Park & the MP Aquatic Center). The meeting was moderated by Crissy Davis, with an introduction from our District 2 Commissioner, Ben Ku, followed by presentations from 3 Deputy Directors. The entire meeting is available at (The summary below doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of the information shared in the public meeting so, to get the full benefit of each person’s presentation, you should watch the video yourself.) -- READ MORE


MPCA May & June Road Cleanups

by Mark Wilson, Sustainability Committee

On Sunday April 17th and May 15th, MPCA held its inaugural Road Cleanup. Over a dozen MPCA members and other volunteers cleaned up 3 roads in Mountain Park; Old Tucker Rd, Rockbridge Rd and Lilburn-Stone Mountain Rd. Part of improving Mountain Park, now and in the future vision, includes rallying volunteers to improve the street appearance on an ongoing basis. This was also a precursor to our Adopting a Road permanently with Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful. We will have regular future cleanups, PLEASE come out and participate. We will provide safety vests, gloves, some trash-pickers and bags. Gwinnett DOT will pick up the trash piles. We partner with Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful, Come Clean Gwinnett, and Gwinnett Recycles.




Mountain Park Park Depot | 5050 Five Forks Trickum Road

Lilburn Activity Building | 788 Hillcrest Road

Children under 18

Monday-Friday 11:00am-1:00pm

from June 1 through August 3

At 25 locations throughout the county, including the two listed above


If you are interested in contributing to the MPCA Newsletter, please contact Amanda Pinney at

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